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Journal History

The name Muqoddimah is taken from one of Ibn Khaldun's monumental works, namely Muqaddimah. Ibn Khaldun is a very intelligent and brilliant Islamic thinker. born on May 27, 1332 AD in Turbah Bay, Tunisia North Africa and died March 17, 1406 in Kaherah, Egypt. His full name, Abdurrahman Abu Zaid Waliuddin bin Khaldun, with his first name Abdurrahman. While his nickname is Abu Zaid, his title is Waliuddin and is better known by the worldwide name Ibn Khaldun. Ibn Khaldun was born and grew up in an academic Islamic family that loved science so much. The Muqaddimah was written by Ibn Khaldun for approximately 4 years (1374-1378). The Muqaddimah was written based on the results of empirical observations and empirical data obtained from intellectual experience and wandering and practical political activities that he had experienced for more than 17 years. Muqaddimah is an astonishing work of Ibn Khaldun, containing the history of the rise and fall of the ruling dynasty (daulah) and civilization ('umran). Muqaddimah also discussed various aspects related to economics, sociology, historiography, demography and politics as contributions of Ibn Khaldun's original thought to various fields of social science. Muqaddimah has been translated into various languages and has been studied by various well-known universities in parts of Europe and America.
Not too much, British historian Arnold J Toynbee called Muqaddimah the greatest work in history. Even Charles Issawi in An Arab Philosophy of History, called Ibn Khaldun with his Muqaddimah as the basis for the foundations of Sociology and not Aguste Comte as known so far. The same confession was made by Polondia sociologist, Ludwig Gumplowicz (1838-1909) and Heinrich Simon who said "Ibn Khaldun was the first scholar who tried to formulate social laws," It is no exaggeration when other Western thinkers, such as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Robert Flint , Ernest Gellner, Franz Rosenthal, Arthur Laffer and Nathaniel Schmidt admired the extraordinary and intelligent thinking of Mrs. Khaldun.
That is part of the reason why this journal was named Muqoddimah. With the hope that the figure of Islamic thinker Ibnu Khaldun who mastered various sciences and excellent writing skills, could be an inspiration and motivation for anyone who loves science and likes a literacy culture that is increasingly marginalized due to the influence of IT. Even though this journal was given the name Muqoddimah which means the introduction does not mean only an introduction, after that it was not published again. It is hoped that this journal will continue to be published and become something meaningful for all the academics of FISIP in particular and all those who love the science and culture of literacy that are increasingly marginalized in general.

At the beginning of its publication, the journal was published in August and December, but after volume 2 of 2018 was published every February and August.

Since October 2019 there has been a change in the composition of the editorial team, reviewer and refinement of templates, by adding citation techniques using Mendeley or Zotero

Pada awal terbitnya, jurnal ini terbit pada bulan Agustus dan Desember, tetapi setelah volume 2 tahun 2018 terbit setiap bulan Agustus dan Pebruari.

Sejak bulan Oktober 2019 terjadi perubahan susunan dewan editor, reviewer dan penyempurnaan  template, dengan menambahkan tekhnik pengutipan menggunakan Mendeley atau Zotero