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 In this study, the types of coordinating conjunctions used in sentences about the Titanic on are analyzed.  This study's objective is to identify the different kinds of coordinating conjunctions used in compound phrases. In this study, the data were analyzed using a descriptive qualitative approach based on the theory put forward by Quirk and Greenbaum (1973). The 52 total data were broken down into three categories—syndetic coordination, asyndetic coordination, and syndetic and asyndetic coordination—that describe the three forms of coordinating conjunctions used in compound sentences. This study specifically discovered all three types of coordination in complex phrases. 27 data are coordinated synthetically, 18 data are coordinated asyndetically, and 7 data are coordinated syndetically and asyndetically. In syndetic coordination, there are 21 data using “and”, 5 data using “but”, and 1 data using “so”. While, in asyndetic coordination there are 15 data using “comma” (,), and 3 data using “semicolon” (;). The last 7 data are using both syndetic and asyndetic coordination.


Compound Sentence, Coordinate Structure, Titanic

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